What Kind Of Scratches Can Paint Correction Fix?

Even minor scratches can damage your paint and lower your car’s resale value. The good news is that paint correction services at Humble Crew Detailing, can fix almost all the imperfections and blemishes on your car’s paintwork. In this article by the team at Humble Crew Detailing in Spring Lake Park, MN, you will learn more about the types of scratches which can be fixed using a paint correction service. So let’s get started! 

Common Car Paint Defects

There are many types of paint defects, such as swirl marks, deep marring, watermarks, acid etching, deep scratching, buffer marks, and so on. Let’s go over the major causes of common car paint defects.

Swirl Marks

Swirl marks, also called swirl mark marring, are the most common kind of defect. Swirl marks can be caused by not wiping your car properly when you wash it, using a dirty towel, using an automatic car wash, or using a dirty cover. When light hits a cut in your car’s paint, it will reflect back and show the swirl marks.


Watermarks and acid etching are two more visible paint flaws. These flaws are usually relatively large and visible. Hard water or mineral deposits on the top surface of your paint can cause watermarks. They’re shown in rough, circular, or semi-circular shapes.

Deep Marring

Deep scratches on your car’s paint can also be fixed with paint correction. These scratches are usually caused by sanding or washing your vehicle improperly. Random deep marring will have varying patterns and frequency. Deep marring refers to damage that is not deep enough to feel but is deep enough to see.

Acid Etching

Acid etching, like a watermark, is a more serious corrosion stage. It occurs when hard water or acid rain have penetrated the surface of your auto’s paint. The minerals in the water eat away at your paint, making it more difficult to remove.

Deep Scratching

Paint scratches are typical in the detailing industry. Many types of car paint scratches can be treated with professional paint correction, and they are usually caused by automatic car washes, road debris, accidents, or even intentional damage.

Buffer Marks

It’s rare, but the last paint defect is frustrating. This defect is called a “buffer mark hologram” or “buffer trail”. Incorrect buffer use or pad and polish choice can cause the problem.

How Many Stages Of Paint Correction Are There?

Your specialist must decide the stage of paint correction appropriate for your vehicle. Each phase will demand varying quantities of time, labor, and funds.

Stage 1

Paint that requires stage 1 paint correction will have heavy swirls and multiple, sometimes deep scratches. Deep scuffs may need wet sanding. Multiple buffing rounds might be required.

The completion of Stage 1 paint correction might take up to 12 hours.

Stage 2

In the second step, the paint has a few swirl marks and minor scratches. The paint will need two buffings. The first round will have a more abrasive impact, followed by a finishing compound, wax, or sealant. Expect cars to complete stage 2 in 7 to 10 hours.

Stage 3

A stage 3 car is in reasonable condition, with just minor flaws. The technician will buff the car with a finishing compound and then wax it at this point. It may take from three to five hours, according to the size of the vehicle.

What Paint Correction Packages Do We Offer At Humble Crew Detailing?

At Humble Crew Detailing, you have the choice of three packages of paint correction services. We’ve got the right option for your needs and budget!

Gloss Enhancement 

Corrects paint up to 30%

Increases gloss

Removes Buffer haze

Removes water spots

Light Paint Correction

1 Step Paint correction

Corrects paint up to 65%

Removes light swirls

Removes Light Oxidation

Removes other light paint blemishes

Heavy Paint Correction

Multi-Step Paint correction

Corrects paint up to 95%

Removes heavy swirls

Removes Heavy Oxidation

Reduces etchings

Paint correction at Humble Crew Detailing in Spring Lake Park, MN, uses superior techniques and products to make your vehicle appear in pristine condition. Furthermore, we have a professional and experienced team that leaves your car with a shiny, sleek finish. Call us at +1 612-207-2685 or visit us at 1313 Osborne Rd Ne, Spring Lake Park, Mn 55432, United States, to schedule an appointment with Humble Crew Detailing!

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