What Is The Process Of Paint Protection Film Installation?

Imperfect vehicle paint is something that no car owner wants! Not only does it make your car look bad, but it also decreases the vehicle’s worth. After all, the paint job is the first impression your customers get of your car. So, should we consider paint protection film to maintain that original shine on your car? How does paint protection film function? Follow this article by Humble Crew Detailing in Spring Lake Park, MN, to get all the answers and more!

Why Should We Consider Paint Protection Film?

There are many benefits to paint protection film for maintaining both new and older vehicles. Here are some reasons why you should seriously consider getting paint protection film for your vehicle!

Anti Fading

Exposure to the sun over a lengthy amount of time causes fading. Depending on where you park your vehicle, you may need to repaint or fix various paint colors. Paint protection film has a special chemical characteristic that makes it UV-resistant, preserving your vehicle’s paint.

Paint protection film prevents rain, especially acid rain, from damaging your paint. Not only does acid rain destroy your paint, but also the metal below it. If acid rain is left to concentrate over a lengthy period, it will cause severe corrosion. Protect both the outside and inside of your vehicle from deteriorating.

Chemical Reaction Prevention

Paint protection film will protect against damage caused by acid, tree sap, corrosive washing soaps, and bird droppings. These chemicals erode your paint, revealing the bare metal below. It may also prevent corrosion and preserve the factory finish for an extended period.

Protection against scratches

Paint protection film effectively prevents scratches and swirl marks on the underlying paint. Debris on the road, stray branches, and car washes may all damage your vehicle. These self-healing protective coatings give the greatest protection and erase minor scratches. The self-healing characteristic is activated by the sun’s heat or warm water.

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How Can We Install Paint Protection Film?

We should remove dust, insects, tar, and oil stains on the surface of your vehicle. This is to avoid dirt or other undesirable substances between the film and the surface of your car.

To prevent blistering, paint protection film must be applied with speed and precision.

Using the solution, wet your hands. This prevents the strong adhesives of the paint protection film from adhering to your fingertips.

Carefully slide the film to the proper application site. This motion prevents air from being trapped between the film and the vehicle’s surface.

Use the squeegee to smooth out the film. Utilize overlapping strokes to remove any remaining solution.

For complete adherence, run the squeegee over the edges and corners. Allow it to dry thoroughly for a maximum of 48 hours.

What Is The Lifetime Of Paint Protection Film?

Even if PPF can self-heal, this does not guarantee its eternal viability. A high-quality paint protection film has a ten-year lifetime. Typically, an extended warranty signifies that the product is of great quality.

  • The application.

Once the detailers have completed the preparatory work, paint protection film must be applied. The application procedure is complex and difficult since expert detailers must avoid bubbles, wrinkles, and folds that might result in a bad finish or poor technique. 

  • Environment-related factors.

The purpose of the paint protection film is to absorb the damage instead of transferring it to the car’s paint. PPF protects against environmental factors such as UV radiation, road grime, salt, and acidic bird droppings, but it will ultimately degrade over time if not maintained properly.

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