Rupes Gives A Superior Polishing System For Detailing Businesses at humble crew detailing in Plymouth MN

Rupes – Gives A Superior Polishing System For Detailing Businesses.

To preserve a smooth surface, we need to remove these imperfections on the car’s exterior with paint correction before applying Ceramic Coating. What is the tool for doing Paint Correction? That’s a polishing machine! Humble Crew Detailing uses Rupes – a famous brand for polishing machines! But do you know everything about Rupes? Read this article from Humble Crew Detailing in Plymouth, MN, to get information about Rupes!

Rupes Gives A Superior Polishing System For Detailing Businesses at humble crew detailing in Plymouth MN

About Rupes Polishing System

RUPES has always been a firm that goes to great lengths to ensure that its machinery and products are the most cutting-edge technology in the industry. Furthermore, they provide these high-performance products and tools and are conveniently accessible and straightforward for detailers of all levels of competence.

For nearly 70 years, Rupes has been designing the future. Only those with a significant legacy may shape the future. Four manufacturing locations near Milan, two wholly owned subsidiaries, one in Germany and the Netherlands, 60 Agents and Regional Sales Managers, and 70 approved distributors globally assure global presence. Through there channel partner distributors, they serve all major worldwide markets, from Europe to America and China to Australia.

This user-friendly and groundbreaking system combines a strong team of compounds, polishes, and pads with their industry renowned Rupes BigFoot Polishers to produce the most effective, user-friendly polishing system to date! Each compound and polish in the D-A System is developed with cutting-edge abrasive technology to provide the greatest cutting performance and highest gloss finish you’ve ever seen! Paint safety, user fatigue, and durability are all considered while designing the pads. With a specially curved edge and a robust foam composition that ensures overheating protection, a uniform polishing surface, and a life span that far exceeds expectations!

Rupes – A Terrific Choice For a Polishing Machine


Every Rupes machine is subjected to a rigorous battery of technical tests before being introduced to the market. A Rupes product must have distinguishing characteristics and serve the market by providing concrete benefits.


Rupes technology department is always looking for innovative solutions. Rupes strives to keep one step ahead of the competition by regularly introducing creative goods and solutions.


Rupes serves the worldwide tool manufacturing sector with cutting-edge technology. Innovation is critical to product development since it is an ongoing search that necessitates a greater performance with each new generation.


Rupes’s project development objective is to increase the quality and efficiency of the user’s job. For that purpose, we concentrate on balance and stability to decrease vibration throughout usage. Our tools are simple to use without sacrificing performance, power, or results.

Customer Service

We are our customers’ most trusted partner in many businesses, from sanding to polishing to automobile detailing. High-quality technicians need high-quality instruments and the dependability of a reputable brand.

rupes polishing products for paint correction process at humble crew detailing in Plymouth MN

What Does Humble Crew Detailing use for Polishing?

At Humble Crew Detailing, we use a Rupes polishing machine for Paint Correction. We have three options offered to suit all budgets and needs. Let’s look at our Humble Crew Detailing packages in Plymouth, MN.

Gloss Enhancement

  • Corrects paint up to 50%
  • Increases gloss
  • Removes Buffer haze
  • Removes water spots

Light paint correction

  • 1 Step Paint correction
  • Corrects paint up to 60%
  • Removes light swirls
  • Removes Light Oxidation
  • Removes other light paint blemishes

Heavy paint correction

  • Multi-Step Paint correction
  • Corrects paint up to 90%
  • Removes heavy swirls
  • Removes Heavy Oxidation
  • Reduces etchings

Whenever you want to enhance your car, do not forget to do paint correction first to bring a smooth surface to your vehicle. Humble Crew Detailing in Plymouth, MN, offers multiple packages for preserving the car’s exterior! Call us at (612) 207-2685 to schedule your time with us!