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If you are looking for a well known detailing business, Humble Crew Detailing will impress you at first glance! Humble Crew Detailing provides different packages ranging from Ceramic Coating, Paint Correction, and Interior Detailing to give the best look for your vehicle!

Ceramic coating in Minnetonka

Ceramic Coating at Humble Crew Detailing will give your car a high gloss finish, protect your vehicle from the environmental elements, and save money.

Paint Correction in Minnetonka

Paint correction will eliminate unsightly imperfections and restore the luster of your vehicle. A paint correction will not only reduce scratches and marring, but it will also rebuild your car’s clear coat, giving it that perfect shine.

Interior Detailing in Edina, MN

Possessing your vehicle’s Interior detailed on a regular schedule will address all those unaesthetic stains and help avoid them from occurring by using the appropriate cleaning and maintenance products for each surface in your vehicle.

Professional auto detailing in Minnetonka

Humble Crew Detailing offers a full range of auto detailing services to ensure that your vehicle receives the best possible care. Humble Crew Detailing knows how to keep your car looking good and running smoothly. We provide various exterior surface protection services, including ceramic coatings and paint correction! We are your high quality detailing company, offering high quality services and products. We strive to be your only option for car detailing in Minnetonka, MN!

Humble Crew Detailing in Minnetonka, MN, consists of Ceramic Coating, Paint Correction, and Interior Detailing. Our team at Humble Crew strives to give the best car care for your vehicles!

Our team is highly passionate about providing only the best car care and protection!


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Minnetonka locates in Hennepin County, Minnesota, approximately 9 miles west of Minneapolis. It is named after the Dakota Sioux tanka, which means “great water.” The city’s main thoroughfare is U.S. Highway 12. Cargill, the country’s largest privately held company, and UnitedHealth Group, the state’s largest publicly traded company, are headquartered in the city. The eastern tip of Lake Minnetonka, one of Minnesota’s largest lakes, is part of the city.


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Jesse did an amazing job correcting my paint, and applying an extremely durable graphene coating to my car! He’s very thorough, and takes the time to explain the products he’s using and the benefits – which is one of the reasons I went ahead and got the best coating he offered. This past weekend during the heavy rain and thunderstorm, my car repelled all of the water and then some. Highly recommend checking out Humble Crew Detailing if you’re thinking about getting a protective coating for your car!


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We strive to provide high-quality products to ensure the best protection for your vehicle in this harsh Minneapolis climate.