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Humble Crew Detailing has a great passion for updating your car with high end quality and excellent services to our beloved clients. Humble Crew Detailing consists of Ceramic Coating, Paint Correction, and Interior Detailing. Schedule your time with our detailers. We give the best look for your vehicles!

Ceramic coating in Edina

A ceramic coating is an excellent choice for preserving your car’s exterior and ensuring its long term durability. Ceramic Coating in Edina, MN, has many advantages, including increased gloss and scratch resistance, preventing dirt particles from scratching up the paint underneath!

Paint Correction in Edina

Paint correction is a technique for improving the color and texture of your vehicle’s exterior. Not only will this service make you enjoy driving around without those pesky scrathces on display again, but it will also help protect against future damage from UV rays in sunlight, which may cause shrinking or cracking over time due to an unfortunate accident involving these issues!

Interior Detailing in Edina, MN

Interior Detailing in Edina, MN, not only does it make for a more aesthetically pleasing interior, but by getting the dirt and grime cleaned off, you can also extend its life!

Professional auto detailing in Edina

Humble Crew Detailing is the location to go when it comes to enhancing your vehicle. We offer custom interior protection that is both clean and effective!

We are a trustworthy detailing company with Ceramic Coating, Paint Correction, and Interior Detailing services! Our specilists provide car detailing techniques to provide long lasting surface protection and automotive services.

If you want to prevent damage defects, Humble Crew Detailing will solve your problem with our professional services!

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Edina, Minnesota, is located in Hennepin County, immediately southwest of Minneapolis. It is a first ring suburb known for its shopping and dining, parks and recreational facilities, and high quality of life for residents. Edina is only a few minutes drives from downtown Minneapolis and is easily accessible via numerous highways and freeways. The city was designed to be car centric, and it is home to the Southdale Center, the country’s oldest indoor mall. Edina has long been a conservative hotspot in traditionally liberal Minnesota. However, Edina has become more diverse and progressive since 2000. Edina is home to major corporations such as Dairy Queen, Great Clips, Edina Realty, and Caribou Coffee, and the city is known for its shopping, parks, and high-rise buildings.


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 Interior Detailing in Edina, MN, not only does it make for a more aesthetically pleasing interior, but by getting the dirt and grime cleaned off, you can also extend its life!


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Jesse did an amazing job correcting my paint, and applying an extremely durable graphene coating to my car! He’s very thorough, and takes the time to explain the products he’s using and the benefits – which is one of the reasons I went ahead and got the best coating he offered. This past weekend during the heavy rain and thunderstorm, my car repelled all of the water and then some. Highly recommend checking out Humble Crew Detailing if you’re thinking about getting a protective coating for your car!


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We strive to provide high-quality products to ensure the best protection for your vehicle in this harsh Minneapolis climate.