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It is impossible to avoid hazards that may cause scratches and discoloration while driving a vehicle. The optimal solution is to use paint protection film (PPF) as a protective layer on the car’s exterior paint to prevent damage and prolong the paint’s lifetime. Bring your vehicle to Humble Crew Detailing in Spring Lake Park, MN, to enjoy first rate paint protection film services!

Paint Protection Film: What Is It?

Paint protection film (PPF), often known as clear bra, are urethane-based, transparent coating. Typically, the film is placed on car surfaces to protect the paint from contaminants and damage. Clear bras contain a polyurethane or urethane material to help recover from tiny scratches sustained during everyday driving. Due to the adaptability of the film, it also protects automobile from road chips and road salt, prolonging the vehicle’s condition and lifespan.

Paint Protection Film: WhY DOES It HELP?

Should you install paint protection film? Here are five advantages of paint protection film that benefit your vehicle.

Fading Protection

Rain, snow and exposure to sunshine may cause paint to fade over time, leaving it to appear worn and dull. Due to its unique chemical features, paint protection film prevents fading by blocking UV radiation. Paint protection film prevents scratches and chips in the paint. If not repaired, these types of flaws may develop into problems that will corrode when exposed to rain, leading to more issues.

Chemical Agent Protection

Paint protection film protects the automobile from chemical agents. In addition, it prevents deterioration caused by acidic bird droppings or acid rain. Consequently, the vehicle maintains its shiny appearance for longer.

Scratch resistant protection

The self healing properties of paint protection film can prevent scratches and swirl marks caused by road debris, loose branches, and vehicle washes. Any superficial scratches will disappear if you wash your automobile with warm water or leave it in the sun.

Highly Durable Lifetime

When you choose clear, high quality films, paint protection film is guaranteed to be resistant to peeling and yellowing, preserving and enhancing the value of your car. The paint protection film’s design has a lifespan of up to ten years.

Invisible layer

Paint protection film with a thin, invisible layer is almost undetectable. Modern films can provide long-lasting and resilient protection without requiring a heavy profile. Most have a thickness of 8 mils and prevent less than 0.1% of the light from reaching the paint!

What Is The Process Of Installing Paint Protection Film?

Step 1: Examination

We will visually check your vehicle’s condition and document any paintwork damage or flaws.

Step 2. Preparation

Your car will be washed and lowered to eliminate any paint contamination. Using a plotter, our professional installers will then pre-cut the specified film.

Step 3: Application

After that, the paint protection film will be applied. After installation, the vehicle must remain in the restricted area for 24 hours to enable the film to settle before the final quality inspection.


To prevent the borders of the film from flaking off, only wash the vehicle 48 hours after having it wrapped with PPF. Keep your paint protection film out of direct sunlight and from corrosive substances to increase its durability.

The installation technique will vary. Much depends on the coverage level and vehicle in question. Typically, it takes anything from a few hours to a whole day; however, large vehicles may take longer.

Ceramic coatings that are put over our paint protection films’ surface are permitted for use. Ceramic coatings provide an extra barrier against solvent and water penetration without diminishing our paint protection films’ efficacy or self-healing properties.

Paint protection film is a comprehensive and long-lasting solution for keeping your vehicle looking brand new. Humble Crew Detailing provides professional paint protection film services in Spring Lake Park, MN. Our expert team are committed to providing 100% customer satisfaction. Call Humble Crew Detailing at +612-207-2785 or visit our shop at 1313 Osborne Rd NE, Spring Lake Park, MN 55432, United States, if you want to preserve the paint on your vehicle!