Interior Car Detailing Secrets to Make Your Auto Shine

Is car detailing something you’ve wanted to explore? If so, today’s blog post will give you the inside scoop on how car detailing can make your car shine. Car detailers do a few different things, such as shampooing carpets and upholstery, cleaning leather seats, and buffing paint. Read this article for more information about car detailing!

What do car detailers use to clean the interior?

Car detailers use car shampoo to clean car interiors. Car shampoo comes in three different forms:

  • car carpet shampoo
  • car upholstery cleaner
  • car leather conditioner

Each type of car detailing product has its benefits. That’s why car detailers have all three available for cleaning the interior, exterior, and engine of a vehicle. car detailing Plymouth MN professionals know which product to use for the best results.

Auto detailing secrets

Now that you know a bit of car detailing, here are some secrets to make your car shine:

Glass cleaning

Glass cleaning is an essential part of car detailing. It’s vital to remove all the glass’s dirt particles, dust, and fingerprints. This will make your car look much cleaner, and it will be easier to see out of the windows.

One way to clean the glass is by using a glass cleaner and a paper towel. Spray the glass cleaner on the towel and wipe the window. Make sure to clean all the windows, inside and out.

Detailers save glass cleaning for the very end after all the other cleaning is done. This is because glass cleaner can leave streaks on the windows if it’s not cleaned off properly.

Shampooing car carpets and upholstery

Shampooing car carpets and upholstery is one of the most critical steps in car detailing. Car carpets and upholstery get filthy, and car shampooing can get rid of dirt, dust, and foul odors. This is a critical car detailing step for car interiors. Make sure to test a small area if the car shampoo causes any discoloration. Let the car shampoo sit for a few minutes, and then rinse with water.

You can also use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt and shampoo from the carpets and upholstery.

Cleaning car leather seats

Leather seats can get very dirty and stained over time. It’s vital to clean car leather seats regularly to keep them looking good. Car detailers use car conditioners to clean the car’s interior.

Car leather conditioner comes in a spray bottle and is applied directly to car leather seats. Let the conditioner sit on the car for a few minutes, and then wipe away with a soft towel.

Washing car interiors can be done monthly. However, car conditioning should be done at least every two months to keep car leather looking good between washes.

Use a microfiber towel.

Microfiber towels are great for car detailing because they are so soft and absorbent. When car detailers clean car interiors, they use microfiber towels to remove car shampoo from car upholstery and carpet.

It’s also a good idea to keep one in the car at all times. This way, you can wipe car windows, car seats, and carpet when you’re on the go. It will keep your car looking like new!

Tip: If professional detailers use a microfiber towel to clean car interiors, they always keep it separate from other towels to wash the car’s exterior. Microfiber is expensive and can be ruined if it’s not washed correctly. A dirty wash mitt can contaminate a microfiber towel and render it useless for car detailing.

Use a car vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is a great way to remove dirt and dust from carpets, seats, and upholstery. Detailers use vacuum cleaners to clean car interiors regularly. This will keep the car looking clean and fresh.

There are many different types of car vacuum cleaners available on the market. Choose one that’s lightweight.

Polish car chrome

Polishing car chrome helps to keep it looking shiny and new. Car detailers use ceramic coating MN or car chrome polish to remove any oxidation and corrosion from car chrome.


Car detailing is an important car maintenance task that should be done regularly to keep carpet, upholstery, and carpets looking clean. You can use car shampoo to wash carpeting or seat material, conditioner for car leather seats, microfiber towels for the inside of your car interiors and outside windows…the possibilities are endless! Let us know if you need help with any other aspect of auto care or simply want someone else to take over the responsibility altogether. Auto detailing Plymouth MN can be an excellent investment and keep your car looking like new for years to come.

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