How To Apply Ceramic Coating On Car Windows?

It is crucial to maintain, clean and clear glass to have the greatest visibility possible when driving, particularly during poor weather. For this reason, a ceramic coating can be applied to your car’s glass as a form of protection. However, the durability, efficiency, and lifespan of ceramic coatings are often aspects car owners want to know about before investing in a ceramic coating for their car’s windows. So, let’s find out more about the application of car window ceramic coating together with Humble Crew Detailing in Spring Lake Park, MN.


How Does Ceramic Coating Work On Car Windows?

Opting to apply ceramic coating to the car’s glass will provide various advantages beyond those of wax and other water reflective glass coatings.

Enhanced Visibility

During bad weather, such as fog, clouds, rain, or snow, visibility through the front, rear, and side windows become impaired. Because ceramic coatings are hydrophobic, they produce a flat, water resistant surface. When it is pouring outside, the water will not adhere as readily to the glass, making it easy for you to see outside of your car, hence increasing your safety as you will be better able to prevent potential accidents.

Simpler Cleaning

Bug splatters, bird droppings, and tree sap are easier to clean from your automobile’s glass when applied with a ceramic coating. Ceramic coatings are also easy to remove.

Improved Clarity

In contrast to other solutions, a ceramic coating on your car glass repels water and vastly increases visibility without leaving any cloudiness or haze behind. During periods of low light or fog and cloudiness, having windows and windshields crystal clear will always be preferable to have lower visibility.

Ceramic coatings are also resistant to UV rays, which contributes to this clarity since they reduce the glare that may obscure your vision. This anti glare feature is especially useful for nighttime driving since it shields the driver from other vehicles’ headlights.

How To Apply Ceramic Coating On Car’s Windows?

Coating your automobile’s glass with ceramic is comparable to coating its paint, wheels, or headlights. Preparation – application – removal – aftercare. We will now discuss each stage and its significance.

  • Prep Work – Before applying the product, it is necessary to prepare the surface. Begin by examining the glass first. If you see significant damage, particularly to the front windshield, it may be prudent to replace it first. The ceramic coating will not prevent the glass from expanding if it has a break anywhere.

After inspection, you will need to wash all the glass, smooth it with a clay bar, and wipe it off with a spray solution of diluted isopropyl alcohol using a clean microfiber cloth.

  • Coating Application – After preparing the car glass, it’s time to apply the coating itself. Be careful to do this in a location where there is no direct sunlight since sunlight might interfere with the drying process and reduce the coating’s durability after application.
  • Curing and Aftercare — After applying the coating to the car glass, it is advised to move the vehicle into direct sunshine to accelerate the curing process. At this stage, ensure that no water comes in contact with the glass for at least 48 hours.

After 48 hours, use the two bucket method to clean the car glass with automotive soap and water to improve the results. Do not use glass cleaners since the chemicals might progressively damage the ceramic coating layer, diminishing its advantages.

How Can We Maintain The Quality Of Our New Ceramic Coating?

– During the first twenty four hours following the application of your ceramic coating, keep your vehicle away from water.

– During the first week after your automobile has been coated with ceramic, you must avoid washing it with detergents, allowing chemicals to adhere to its surface, and rubbing your hands on it.

– It is important to stick to the coating maintenance plan. To prevent harming the surface of your ceramic coating, you must follow the instructions provided by the coating manufacturer. 

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