How many levels of ceramic coating are necessary for a car?

Ceramic coating is the best protection for vehicles which prevents damage from the environmental elements. But what does Ceramic Coating mean? Can we apply several layers to the car’s paint? In this blog, we will help you to know about Ceramic Coating!

What does Ceramic Coating mean?

A CERAMIC COATING is a liquid polymer protection applied to the exterior of a vehicle to protect it from exterior environmental damage. It is typically applied by hand and bonds with your vehicle’s paint, adding a hydrophobic layer of protection.

The goal is to keep dirt, grime, and contaminant marks from appearing on the paint work and destroying the clear coat. Depending on the coating and protection used, ceramic coating will provide a semi permanent solution to your problems. Ceramic coatings are a sacrificial layer that prevents environmental damage, bird droppings, and washing damage.

Ceramic coatings consist of silicon dioxide (silica, Si02, Teflon), which derives from natural materials like quartz and sand. Titanium dioxide (titania, Ti02) is used as a supplemental hardening agent in some types and categories. When applied to the surface of a car, the two form a chemical bond which is hydrophobic and water repellent.


What are the benefits of Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating physically shields your paint from salt, bird poop, tree sap, tar, dirt, and grime, among other things, for years to come, while also providing a deep shine that lasts.

  • A ceramic coating can prevent contaminants from connecting to your vehicle’s paint by generating a chemically resistant surface. The ceramic coating will prevent these chemical mishaps and will be more stain resistant.
  • The sun oxidizes and fades the paint, appearing dull and old. Ceramic prevents this by bouncing off UV rays and avoiding them from cleaning out your vehicle’s colors.
  • The ceramic coating’s hydrophobic nature makes cleaning and maintaining your vehicle easier. Because water and soap are insufficient to remove the ceramic coating, it will not wash off your vehicle over time. It is much easier to wash away dirt and grime from your car, restricting it from sticking.
  • The coating secures the vehicle and gives it a luster that distinguishes it from other cars. 
  • The benefits of ceramic coating your vehicle include improving its appearance and protecting it from deterioration.

How many levels of ceramic coating are used on a car?

Depending on the package that you choose, we will apply between 1 and 3 layers of our protection paint coatings, offering you protection from 3 years up to 5 years! You must take proper care of your coating to ensure it lasts its time!

How long does a Ceramic Coating last?

Depending on the product, we will apply between 1-3 layers of paint protection. The ceramic coating layer must be cared for and regularly maintained to maintain optimum performance.

What should we do after applying a Ceramic Coating?

Proper maintenance is just as crucial as having the right products on hand and the significance of practicing correct ceramic coating maintenance procedures. Following the five stages of ceramic coating service will not only help your vehicle’s exterior win in the long run but will also make it look perfect in the process.


Regular wash every two weeks.

You should have a bi weekly car wash routine. It will help eliminate any contamination and avoid water spots.

Use the two bucket wash method.

The two bucket washing method reduces swirl marks and produces the best hand wash results. This washing dunk should do whenever your mitt becomes dirty or you run out of car shampoo, as it will help prevent contaminants from smearing across the vehicle’s exterior.

Wash your car in the shade

Wash the vehicle early in the morning or late in the evening, when the sun is low on the horizon, and shadows loom large, to avoid water spots at all costs.

Use different products for tires and wheels.

Tires and wheels collect more brake dust, road grime, deicing salt, and other forms of filth than any other part of a vehicle. Brake dust, in particular, is extremely harmful, as it contains millions of tiny shards of metal shavings and pulverized sand like substances. Wash your wheels and tires with a different set of cleaning supplies to reduce the risk of spreading this nastiness to other areas of your car.

Our packages of Ceramic Coating in Plymouth, MN

Ceramic Coatings of Humble Crew Detailing will fulfill all your needs with various packages that suit your budget.

  • 1-year durability
  • 3-year durability
  • 5-year durability

Ceramic coating creates the protective layer for the vehicle’s paint, which benefits car owners and the car’s finish. If you want to keep your vehicle high luster and super protection, look no further than Ceramic Coating at Humble Crew Detailing. We provide the best paint protection service in town. With our professional detailers and high quality services, we will make your car shine.