How Long Does It Take For Your Seats And Carpets To Dry?

Car care is very important for both car owners and vehicles. This blog will show you how to take care of your seats and carpets in an effective way to preserve your car’s value.

Steps to dry your car’s interior

  • Take out all of the floor mats.
  • Using a wet/dry vac, vacuum the carpets and seats.
  • Soak excess water from the carpets and seats with a clean, dry cloth towel by pushing the towel firmly against the surfaces and allowing it to soak up the water.
  • Open all of the car’s doors to ventilate the interior, and set up industrial fans to blow through the front and back rows to boost airflow.
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Do your seats and carpets take much time to dry?

It varies on how the seats were washed and the current outdoor temperature, but in our experience, if the outside temperature is pretty warm, the seats will be 90% dry in 2.5 hours. If it’s cold outside or there’s a cloudy sky, it’ll take three to five hours to dry.

Cleaning method

Once it comes to cleaning your seats, you want to be careful about how much water you use.

The seat has a foam cushion underneath the cloth. When cleaning, you only use enough water or cleaner to wash it away on the top surface level.

Outside temperature

When the weather is somewhat warm, the seats will dry significantly faster because the sun will help to dry them.

Even when using a fan or an air mover to speed up the drying process, we’ve found that it still takes a long time to dry.

If you used a lot of water or cleaner on your seats and it’s chilly outdoors, the seats may take several hours to dry entirely.

Interior Detailing At Humble Crew Detailing in Golden Valley, MN

Our interior detailing service will preserve your vehicle with?

  • Seats, carpets, and mats will be vacuumed, shampooed, steamed, and extracted.
  • Air vents, dash, door jambs, cup holders, steering wheel, center console, and more are all cleaned.
  • Leather and plastic surfaces can be sealed to prevent cracking while still providing a rich, satin appearance.
  • Treatment with ozone, which eliminates viruses and bacteria that cause odors.
  • Wheel, tire, and wheel well cleaning are all done by hand.

Humble Crew Detailing in Golden Valley, MN, is the place to go if you want to make your car shine. Our well trained crew at Humble Crew Detailing is eager to provide you with the most satisfactory possible outcome for your vehicle. Call us at (612) 207-2685 for more information.