How do you maintain paint protection film?

Paint protection film (PPF) is an outstanding method for protecting your car’s exterior from deterioration and guaranteeing that your vehicle will still be glamorous and shiny for many years. However, people often ask, what is the best way to maintain paint protection film? Humble Crew Detailing in Spring Lake Park, Minnesota, will provide maintenance tips for paint protection film and methods for extending its lifespan in this blog article. So let’s get started!

Best methods for maintaining PPF after installation.

Wait to wash your car for seven days after PPF installation.

It takes one week for PPF to fully dry and cure effectively. During this time, ensure that your vehicle is clean and dry and refrain from washing it, as this may cause the PPF to dissolve. We recommend storing your vehicle in a covered area, away from trees and other potential contaminants.

Use the two-bucket method and premium washing products.

Washing your ceramic-coated car using the two-bucket method ensures that it remains to look shiny and new while providing optimum protection. One bucket contains a delicate cleaning chemical, while the other has pure rinse water.

Rinse the wash mitt and refill it with shampoo solution from the wash bucket, working from the top down.  Do not use brushes, household cleaning chemicals, color-dyed car shampoo, or an acidic soap on the car’s surface as this will cause damage to the coating. 

Avoid the film’s edges.

If using a pressure washer, avoid the edges as they may lift and peel if subjected to high pressure. The standard distance with a pressure washer is between 8 and 12 inches. Make sure to adhere to this guideline to maintain the coating’s protective properties. 

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Never push bubbles beneath the film.

PPF installation requires a setup solution, which may cause under-film bubbles. The bubbles will disappear in two to three weeks, however, low temperatures and high humidity may delay the curing process.

Limit driving for the first week after the PPF application.

Limiting driving is one strategy to reduce exposure to the elements which may damage the coating during the curing process. After 7 days, you may resume using your vehicle as normal once the curing process is complete. 

Immediately eliminate natural acidic contaminants.

Natural acidic impurities like bird droppings, insect splatters, and tree sap may harm and shorten the lifespan of PPF film or even leave permanent stains. Remove them immediately if they come into contact with your vehicle. 

How to handle light scratches on paint protection film?

Most paint protection film for vehicles is self-healing, implying that minor scratches and swirl marks will gradually fade when the clear coat reforms due to light heat (sun heat, hot water, or heat gun).

It’s one of the explanations why PPF is so attractive for shielding vehicles. However, if the paint protection film has been deeply scratched and penetrated, it will not heal on its own and must be repaired by a specialist.

If you have significant damage, call the Humble Crew Detailing experts or bring the vehicle into our service in Spring Lake Park, MN, and let our skilled technicians sort it out for you!

Why should paint protection film be applied by professional detailers?

Investing in Paint Protection Film is a long-term and economical solution that also provides several benefits to your vehicle’s resale value. Good quality PPF will assist in avoiding damage which is ideal if you want to maintain the vehicle’s original shine. You may purchase inexpensive film kits online and install them yourself, but the resulting protection will likely be substandard, and the film will need to be replaced within a few months. 
You can use PPF to protect the whole of your vehicle or just vulnerable parts. Professional detailers are vital because they will apply the film fitting appropriately with no bubbles or no blisters occurring. So, instead of getting yourself into trouble, let Humble Crew Detailing assist you with paint protection film packages. Contact us today to schedule a PPF service for your vehicle at +1 612-207-2685, or visit our address at 1313 Osborne rd NE Spring Lake Park, MN, United States 5432.