Does a new car need paint correction before applying the ceramic coating?

Brand new cars or even old cars need a protective coating to prevent environmental damage. But if we do not eliminate the paint defects on the car’s surfaces, it cannot bond longer to the car coated, Paint Correction is here to help you! This blog will give the overall paint correction for you!

What do you know about paint correction?

Swirl marks, automated vehicle wash marring, fine scratches, wet spots, and bird droppings created by improper washing techniques are examples of these flaws. Machine polishers and various polishes and graded pads are used to repair paint.

When is Paint Correction Completed?

Machine polishing will remove defects from a vehicle’s painted surface. It’s a service performed on a car to prepare it for a protective coating or film. The procedure depends on the type of paint, surface flaws, and the customer’s requirement. The detailer will polish the vehicle to remove a few minor flaws, such as,

  • Getting rid of minor scrapes
  • Swirl marks or Spider Webbing Must Be Removed
  • Remove stains caused by animal excrement (bird droppings and bug splatters)
  • Removing water spots
  • Poor DIY protective solution installation might cause damage or high/low regions.
  • Remove wax, paint sealants, and ceramic coatings from painted surfaces.

Does a new car require paint correction before applying a ceramic coating?


Because the ceramic coating will seal such scratches and swirls under the layer, polishing the paint to repair defects and perfect the gloss is critical. Because the Ceramic Coating will create a semi permanent coating over your vehicle’s paint, any Paint Correction must be completed before applying Ceramic Coating.

How many steps are in paint correction?

Paint correction can be divided into several stages, depending on the degree of damage to the clear coat.

Stage 1

It is a three step process when the car’s paintwork has extensive swirl marks, marring, or other problems. The first step is to get an aggressive cutting agent, a machine grinder, and a buffing pad to penetrate the paint damage thoroughly. The grit in the second stage is gradually reduced, and then the damage should be smoothed up using a light polishing compound.

Stage 2

Stage 2 is the following step when the car’s paint has moderate to medium swirl marks and scratches entrenched in the clear coat. You’ll utilize different polishes and pad combinations at this point. Typically, a more abrasive class is used initially, followed by a more soft compound to erase any light scratches left behind by the previous phase.

Stage 3

It’s a one step polishing job with a pad and a finishing compound (or liquid polish). The single stage paint repair erases minor marring and swirls marks lightly leaving a beautiful shine.

Does paint correction remove swirl marks?

Swirl marks that have penetrated your car’s outer layers of paint may require a more complicated paint correction method to be repaired. Paint repair will remove any defects in your car’s paint, such as deep swirl marks, that may eventually fade, rust, and harm the surface. Depending on their condition and intensity, you’ll have a few different alternatives for getting rid of swirl marks.


How much does Paint Correction cost in Plymouth, MN?

To accurately estimate your paint restoration expenses, consider the correction stage you’ll require, the overall size of your vehicle, and the type and condition of your car’s paint. Paint Correction Packages Detailing ranges from light scratches to heavy scratches.

Gloss enhancement

  • Corrects paint up to 50%
  • Increases gloss
  • Removes Buffer haze
  • removes water spots

Light paint correction

  • 1 Step Paint correction
  • Corrects paint up to 70%
  • Removes light swirls
  • Removes Light Oxidation
  • Removes other light paint blemishes

Heavy paint correction

  • Multi Step Paint correction
  • Corrects paint up to 90%
  • Removes heavy swirls
  • Removes Heavy Oxidation
  • Reduces etchings

A paint correction is well worth the money if you care about your vehicle’s beauty and lifetime. There’s no more fantastic way to personalize your vehicle and stand out from the pack, and draw serious notice, even from folks who have never driven a car before. Humble Crew Detailing is the perfect solution for your vehicle in Plymouth, MN. Call us at 612-207-2685! We are waiting to serve you.