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Your vehicle is exposed to harsh conditions here in Minneapolis and we have the perfect system to restore its showroom shine & protect it for years to come with nano-ceramic technology.

Ceramic coating

Ceramic coatings act as a sacrificial layer on your paint and add extreme shine and the hydrophobic properties make it a lot easier to wash your car.

Paint Correction

By using the highest grade products and safest techniques, were able to take paint in any condition to a whole new level of clarity and obtain like-new shine!

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Check out our recent ceramic coating & paint correction projects. The proof is in the pudding, take a look and get a quote to protect your investment.

Everything your vehicle needs to restore it's appearance & protect it for years to come.

Don’t go another day with unprotected paint. You’ve invested thousands on your vehicle and having it professionally protected is the best choice. Traditional wax products are out dated. We will bring your paint back to showroom quality and add years of protection with state of the art nano technology.

Professional Paint Correction & Protection Here To Serve You.

Protect Your Paint Before It’s Too Late

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Jesse did an amazing job correcting my paint, and applying an extremely durable graphene coating to my car! He’s very thorough, and takes the time to explain the products he’s using and the benefits – which is one of the reasons I went ahead and got the best coating he offered. This past weekend during the heavy rain and thunderstorm, my car repelled all of the water and then some. Highly recommend checking out Humble Crew Detailing if you’re thinking about getting a protective coating for your car!


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Ceramic Coating Miata
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That means we treat your vehicle the same way we treat our own.

Our specialties consist of the list below. We strive to restore and protect your car’s paint with state of the art nano-ceramic coatings.

Paint Correction
Gloss enhancement
Paint Protection


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We strive to provide high-quality products to ensure the best protection for your vehicle in this harsh Minneapolis climate.